How To Stay Positive In Tough Times

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The Power of Happiness! Humans laughing and smiling.
Humans laughing and smiling. pixabay laugh-3673836

Let’s do an experiment right at the start. Think about a challenging situation. It doesn’t matter if it happens now or if it is a memory from the past.

Check yourself, how you are feeling about it right now? Do you feel any tension, overwhelm or anxiety?

The Problem

If yes, is that a positive or negative feeling? When you have one of the aforementioned feelings, you feel negative.

Which is absolutely normal and okay. The question is how it helps you to be negative. BTW, it does not help you.

Now, let’s do another experiment. Check yourself if you expect anything good to happen from the negative feeling you felt above?

For example, an expectation of something good would be that something does not get so bad for you as for others.

Could you see how negative that position is? You expect something good to happen from a bad mood.

Again, this is normal. We all have this habit. Now the question is, what could you do differently to really be and stay positive?

The Solution

First, everything bad you may expect to happen is just your imagination right now. If a situation is bad already, you may still feel negative about it. Even that bad thing already happened. You now need to focus yourself on the moment.

The solution is to concentrate on what you really want positively.

For example, instead of thinking about not getting ill, think about being healthy. Or based on your business, instead of thinking about all the bad things that might happen, focus on finding the solutions you need and to thrive with your business no matter which market conditions are present.

Yes, I know this might not be easy. But it is simple and there is nothing complex you need to do. It might not be easy because there could be even more negative feelings coming up, when your situation get worse or things take a long time to dissolve.

Do the aforesaid, concentrate on the positive outcome. But…

(I guess you have been waiting for the “but”)

…you could not force the good things to happen. That does not mean to do nothing, but it means to be open and to allow things to happen in your favor.


You may need to do things, but you do them from a focused and open mindset. Remember, always have your end result in mind, which could and should be a picture of your thriving business.

That’s it. Now it’s time for you to prove it. Do it for yourself and see what happens.

All the Best!

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