Finding Inner Joy and Happiness Through Self-Awareness

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Finding Freedom Podcast, hosted by Dawn Morgan with guest Stephan Szugat
Finding Freedom Podcast, hosted by Dawn Morgan with guest Stephan Szugat

If you ever wondered how to go about finding inner joy and happiness, this new episode of the Finding Freedom Podcast will give you a new perspective. It was my pleasure to have been the guest on this episode.

Finding freedom is related to your decision and courage to go about it. Especially when your mind is repeating stories about how bad of a person you are. It’s not true, you are a loving, happy, and free being, yet, you don’t like to look at it.

As said, it takes your decision. You have the power to discover who you really are. And you have more joy and happiness inside of you than you believe possible. How could I say this? Well, I experienced it myself. The joy and happiness I found in myself was and is ever increase. There is no need to be afraid of it. It waits for you to enjoy it.

This episode will get you started to dig into the inner joy and happiness that you are. You could listen to it right here and now to start your journey to Finding Inner Joy and Happiness.

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Dawn Morgan, hypnotherapist and business mentor, guides individuals in discovering personal and business freedom amid life’s challenges. Having faced trauma, attacks, divorce, and more, she believes in learning and growing from every experience. Life is for living, and Dawn helps uncover the innate qualities within—hope, resilience, compassion, wisdom, and confidence—empowering others to chose growth and find their freedom.

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