Fear to Fail or Fear of Screwing Up – So what?

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To be honest, we all have this Fear of screwing up or Fear to Fail. There is no way to push that truth aside.

However, the question is how to deal with this fear and what to do about it.

Admitting having Fear of Screwing Up

First you need to admit, to yourself, that you have this fear of screwing up or to fail.

That’s a huge step. You do not need to tell anyone. Because nobody will be interested anyway, as they all have this fear either.

Here you are admitting to yourself that you have the fear of screwing up. Now what?

Well, let go of the feelings that come up with this fear, when you really look into it.

On the other hand, the question is “Are you screwing up right now?”. Right this moment? I guess not, because you read this blog post. You could not do both at the same time.

It’s an experience from the past

When you really take a look at the fear of screwing up, you may find out it is a story from the past. You may or may not screw up in the future.

Next you like to check if there is any area in your life you might screw up soon. I assume you see the fear all over the place.

So many decisions to make in life, and you never know upfront which is the right decision.

But you decide anyway, you got no choice. Science has already found that we make thousands of decisions every day. Most of which are unconscious.

Allow yourself to screw up

Your constant decision-making leads to the next step in the process, which is to allow yourself to screw up. Yes, why not?

Desk with Poster saying Ever Tried, Ever Failed, No Matter, Try again, Fail Again, Fail Better

Just because you allow yourself to screw up does not mean you screw up.

There is freedom in it to allow yourself to fail. Now it seems to become your decision if you like to screw up or not.

Too easy, right? Well, does life always has to be complicated? I say “No”. Life could be easy. Maybe life is easy at all.

Okay, let’s come back to the fear to fail. As you are now okay with failing and made it your decision, you could go ahead and take a look to your options.

Finding your own answers

Yes, there are always options in life. Start answering the following questions:

  • What are you likely to screw up with next?
  • How could you screw it up?
  • What do you have to avoid screwing it up?

I know, many questions again. Did you answer them? (another question – I know ;-).

When you answered the questions above, you might already have the solution to not screw up. That’s why I love coaching. You find your own answers.


The Fear of screwing up or Fear to fail plagues us all. Sometimes it comes up stronger, and sometimes it is more subtle.

It is a feeling and an experience you have made in the past. It could be overcome by admitting it as well as letting go of the feeling.

Furthermore, by asking the right questions you find your own answers about how to make the right decisions about any topic you fear to screw up.

At the end, you come to the point where you say to yourself: “Fear of Screwing Up? So what!”.

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