Instant Impact? Fast Results? Is that even possible with Self-Coaching?

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time lapse photo of person riding bicycle on road. Photo by Luca Campioni on Unsplash

Could Self-Coaching really generate instant results?

Let me start by saying “It depends…”.

It depends on your openness to new ideas, your openness to new ways of thinking. It depends on your willingness to listen to yourself. Yes, right. It’s not only to listen to the world, it is also about listening to yourself.

What do I mean by listening to yourself? Well, the answers you are looking for are already where you are. If you can’t see them, it’s probably because you don’t look at them.

You don’t look at them, because you are constantly occupied by looking at the problem you like to solve. Listening to yourself starts with asking the right questions to yourself.

The right questions lead you to the solution. Mostly the solution is already available. You only need to recognize it. But being constantly busy doesn’t allow you to see the solution.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. “

Albert Einstein

Asking the right questions is already a way of self-coaching.

How does the aforesaid relate to having instant results?

If you answer the right questions, you enable yourself to quickly see the solution. You may say to yourself “Oh my Gosh, I haven’t seen this…”. Have you ever had such an experience? I guess you had.

Okay, why not get practical here.

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A little while ago, I had spoken to someone who was looking for a change in her career. As I didn’t expect to coach her at this moment, I just asked if she would be interested in gaining more clarity.

She said yes. Then I asked her two questions again and again, until she ran out of answers. When she didn’t have answers anymore, she said that she now knows what to do.

Guess how long it took? Hm, not sure? I tell you. It took 8 minutes.

Sure, that wasn’t self-coaching, but it illustrates the power of staying with a few questions until you have no answer anymore.

When you write down your answers, you then could see, what the best way could be to solve your issue.

That is the power of self-coaching at work. And it’s not about arguing with yourself about which solution to take or which way to go.

No, you get totally clear for yourself and by yourself. You know yourself best, and you know your business best. Use this knowledge for your best and the best of others.

Still not convinced that Self-Coaching could bring immediate results?

I could totally understand that. Until I experienced the impact myself, I was very skeptical. Yes, I allowed myself to have the experience of self-coaching and experienced instant results.

But, there is no guarantee that self-coaching will work in every situation. You have to be willing to accept that there might not be a solution to your problem or issue right now.

This doesn’t mean you couldn’t solve your problem. It just means that the solution may come to you at another moment in time.

But…   …it might even be better to make the experience yourself. Why? Here is another quote of a wise man:

„The only source of knowledge is experience.“ Albert Einstein

Though, you could check if you are ready for self-coaching by answering some simple questions – Click here to continue with the test…

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