Newest Book published: Interconnected Success

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Interconnected Success — Book Now Published
Interconnected Success — Book Now Published

My newest book is published now: Interconnected Success — Mastering the 7 Key Areas of Impact in Business and Life. The book reveals the unique Coaching Model called Interrelations, which makes it easy for you to know any moment on what to focus your energy. More clarity helps you to build the business and life you desire.

As a former interim manager for Finance & Accounting, I was always wondering, what are the similarities among businesses. Yet, only looking at business and forgetting our personal life is impossible. Both must go hand in hand as they impact each other. Furthermore, I realized that the 7 key areas of impact are not only present in any business, but also in our personal lives as well.

The book reveals all about the Interrelations Coaching Model and provides real-world stories from personal experiences. Additionally, you find lots of guiding questions to get you started implementing the coaching model into your business and life.

From the back cover of the print version:

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to success in both your business and personal life? Join successful business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs as they navigate the exhilarating maze of running a business. Discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from knowing exactly what to do and when. Say goodbye to the struggles of uncertainty, misalignment, and stagnant profitability.

By applying the transformative coaching model outlined in this book, you’ll unlock a world of benefits:

  • Gain unparalleled clarity about your goals in both business and personal life.
  • Make confident and informed decisions based on the newfound clarity.
  • Skyrocket your productivity and focus to new heights.
  • Dedicate just 15 to 30 minutes a day to implementing the Coaching Model.
  • Empower yourself to create your own action items and seize every moment.

Imagine the liberation of always knowing your next move and having the certainty of moving in the direction you want. No more stress or uncertainty, as you become the master of your own destiny.

Stephan Szugat, a former Interim-Manager for Finance & Accounting, shares his invaluable insights and experiences in this book. Prepare to be captivated as he unveils his revolutionary Coaching Model, Interrelations. Derived from years of hands-on experience across a variety of industries and company sizes, this model is a game-changer.

Interconnected Success – Mastering The 7 Key Areas Of Impact In Business And Life is not just an informative read, but an inspiring journey filled with real-world examples. Whether you’re a seasoned business manager or an aspiring entrepreneur, this book is your ultimate guide to unlocking success.

Where to get your copy of the book?

The book is available as e-book and Paperback in English only at the moment. To get your own copy, go to

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