Who am I?

Photo of Stephan Szugat

I am called Stephan Szugat.

What is my Story?

In business life, it all started with an apprenticeship in Wholesale and Exports. After that I was going to study but decided to stop it and went to work. It happened to me that I worked mostly for North-America based Company Groups.

Right from the start I had the chance to learn all about Finance and Accounting up to Company Group Consolidations, Controlling and Business Processes.

By End of 1999 I decided to work on a self-employed basis, thus I could serve more companies at the same time. With the time the assignments changed towards Interim-Management assignments up to the position of a CFO.

Industry Knowledge

Not to mention all the different industries which I had the chance to learn about. Here is a little list:

  • Car Repair and Sales,
  • Waste Management,
  • Venture Capital,
  • Personal Recruitment,
  • Software Development,
  • Special Ceramic Productions and
  • Manufacturing of Machines for Production Automation for Life Science Products and Electric Motors.

Over the last years I recognized that I was getting more involved with Business Strategy as well as coaching. The latter took a while for me to clearly recognize, but anytime I presented the numbers of a business, the discussions were going away from the numbers towards Strategy and Coaching.

At the beginning the coaching was more like a confirmation / feedback of the work and ideas of the respective CEO.

Therefore, I decided to learn more about coaching, especially how to do it in a structured way. Today I love to coach as it always works, and it could be seen in the person coached immediately. Thus, you and I see the results immediately. Well, with this service, you will see them first and I only when you let me know.

But sometimes it may take some time to see the impact. Though, patience and the willingness to work on yourself is very important.

But don’t take my word for it, prove it to yourself.

Why selfcoaching365.com has been created?

selfcoaching365.com was created as of my wish to provide as many people the opportunity to discover their full potential in a simple and effective way.

Furthermore, I love to share my knowledge and experiences.

Unique Coaching Model -Interrelations-

Due to the above experiences, it was clear to me that my coaching approach must reflect these experiences. Therefore, the “Interrelations Coaching Model” consists of seven business areas which could be flexibly arranged. Thus, coaching could be focused on one area or on all areas as needed.

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