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Book Cover: Feel Great: It's Your Decision! shown on Tablet, Smartphone and as Print Book
Book Cover: Feel Great: It's Your Decision! shown on Tablet, Smartphone and as Print Book

Feel Great: It’s Your Decision!

When you are looking for happiness, better decision-making or how to tackle your feelings, read here what you could do about it.

As the title suggests, the book is about decisions. We make thousands of decisions every day, but we make not many decisions about how we like to feel. But you are not obliged to feel as you feel moment by moment.

You are able to change your feelings using your decision-making ability. The book describes an easy process of how to change your feelings by deciding how you like to feel. It is easy, yet, it is not simple all the time.

Stop depending your feelings on your Environment or Circumstances, and decide to FEEL GREAT anyway. Take the Happiness and the good feelings from where they originate – take them from within yourself.

When you ever wondered about how to make better decisions for your business and life, this book is for you.

You are much more powerful than you might believe, but you have to find out for yourself to know it. It is YOUR DECISION that counts. Every Moment!

Head over to one of the websites where the book “Feel Great: It’s Your Decision!” is on sale to take a look inside. You could find the book on these websites (more following):

LanguageBook FormatISBNBuy at… koboLehmanns, and more.,  Amazon.deLehmanns, can’t list them all here 😉
Englishaudio book9781667048437Audible.comGooglePlayRakuten, as well as other places.
Germane-book9783754305782BoDAmazon.comAmazon.deLehmanns, and many more., and others.
Spanishe-book9783754357606BoD, GooglePlay, Lehmanns,, kobo, and others.
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