Love Yourself – Workbook on Sale now

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Love Yourself - Workbook - Front Cover
Love Yourself - Workbook - Front Cover

Recently, I was bothered by my distracted mind and its inability to keep concentrated on the goodness of life. Therefore, I decided to do something to help me focus on positivity and love. That’s the reason behind the Love Yourself – Workbook on Sale now.

Though, I prepared a daily checklist for myself, and I wondered why only for myself? Subsequently, I decided to create a workbook and publish it in various languages. This way, not only me would benefit from the workbook, but a lot more people.

The aim of the workbook

Now, what is this Love Yourself Workbook all about? As the title already implies, the workbook is about loving yourself, everyone, and everything. We are all looking for love, not noticing that love could be found inside us as well. Loving yourself does not mean to be selfish. Instead, real love couldn’t be selfish. Most importantly, you have to prove this for yourself. If you could not love yourself, how could you love others? Furthermore, if you don’t love yourself, you may chase others to love you.

While I use the daily checklist I prepared, I experience greater gratitude, more peace, more joy, and of course, more love. The daily checklist also helped me to recognize how much I resist my life to get better. Anyhow, it only takes one question and an honest answer to see if this is true for yourself as well.

Before getting the Love Yourself Workbook on Sale now, I had to decide which time period it should be for. To change a habit, it may take a while. And negative feelings and thinking is a habit too. Finally, I decided to create the workbook for a time frame of 12 weeks. At least, that should be enough, to get the new, positive thinking and feeling habit established.

Where to get the workbook and which languages are available?

The last decision to get the Love Yourself Workbook on Sale now, was about in which languages should it be published. For the purpose of making it available to as many people as possible, I decided to have the workbook translated into French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. Including the original English version, that makes five different languages.

Presently, I do not need to care about all the places you could buy the book. When you like to have a copy of the workbook, you just need one of the ISBN listed below, and you could even buy it at your local bookshop. You could buy the workbook online as well (already available at,,, and soon more).

Love Everything, Everyone, And Yourself


Lastly, the Love Yourself – Workbook is a great add-on to my book “Feel Great: It’s Your Decision!”.

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