Doing What You Want From Your Heart – Follow Your Heart’s Desires

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Did you ever had a feeling that you are not heading in the direction you really want from your heart?

As a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, CEO, or Executive that might not seem to be a viable thing. Following your heart in your business or job might be seen as weak or irresponsible.

But still, you have this feeling of there-must-be-more than just doing your job. No matter what this feeling is and where it comes from, you have at least two options how you could deal with it.

You could ignore it and go on with life as if you notice nothing. Or you dig deeper into the feeling until it evolves into a clear picture.

The latter does not mean you need to stop doing what you are doing right now. It is all about integrating what you really want from your heart into your actual life.

If option #2 (allowing a clear picture to evolve) is what you are up to then let’s see how we could get you started right now.

A Coaching Process / Sequence

Here is a little coaching sequence you could use as often as you like (only do this exercise when you are not driving or not doing anything that needs your full attention):

  1. Take a seat and relax your body. Just make yourself comfortable, but sit upright.
  2. Close your eyes though you could relax a little deeper.
  3. Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. This helps you to focus and quiet your mind.
  4. Now ask yourself: “What is it that I like to do from my heart?”
  5. Open your eyes and write it down.
  6. Ask yourself again: “What is it that I like to do from my heart?”
  7. Repeat #6 until you run out of ideas. Write down all your answers.
  8. Now ask yourself: “How could I integrate the things I like to do from my heart into my actual life?”
  9. Again, ask the question under #8 until you run out of ideas. Write down all your answers.
  10. If you like, you could take a deep breath again, relax a moment, and go back to your daily work.

The Coaching Sequence above is not intended to create a To-Do-List. It is a tool to make you aware of what you want from your heart. Also, it helps you to see that you already have ideas how you could integrate these things into your life.

As said, you could use the coaching sequence as often as you like. Each time you use it, it should take between 10-30 minutes to go through it. Keep your notes. You could use your notes to dig even deeper.

The deeper you dig and the clearer your picture gets, the more you feel lighter. You will also notice higher energy. This is because you now allow yourself to look at the things your heart desires.

When you use the above coaching sequence regularly and even prioritize your answers, you are creating clarity in your life as well as a clear picture of how to do what you desire from your heart.

Your Determination

It’s a matter of time and determination. You could have clarity within a relatively short time.

When you get the coaching sequence right, you should have clarity about how to go on with your business and life within 3 months, resulting in a higher energy level for yourself and more harmony within yourself.

What I shared above is one of the major things I address with my clients in my 6 month 1-on-1 Coaching Package “Total Clarity”, which takes Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Executives from a vague feeling of wanting to do what their heart desires to have clarity about how to go on with their business and life.

Together we will also work on how to integrate your new clarity into your life, making it as practical as it could be. Book an appointment with me if you are interested in this program, and we will find out if you are a good fit – if so, we could get you started right away.