Question yourself, everyone and everything

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Business Person pointing to a question mark
Business Person pointing to a question mark. pixabay-turn-on-2925962

If you really want to understand something, you have to question yourself, everyone and everything.

Thus, you need to come from a place where you pretend not to know anything about a topic.

Questioning – What is it good for?

You may ask, “What should that be good for?” Well, it is good for finding new ideas, solutions, a new path or even to discover your full potential.

However, it might not be easy to pretend to not know anything. We always look into our experiences and judge if something may work or not.

As of our experiences, we already judge things as possible or impossible. But we might be wrong with our assumption.

Every moment we have to chance to question ourselves. We have to do it consciously. What ever we have done in the past, even if it was successful, we could question it.

If something was successful once or many times, could it get any better? The answer is “I don’t know…

Woman writing questions on white wall

…but I’m willing to find out.”

From this attitude you could question everything. To question everything does not mean to make it wrong. No way!

It means to be willing to make space for something new or to stay with what is, what ever you find out is the best way to move on.

Mostly we do not question everything because we do not want to hurt anyone or being hurt.

Therefore, we keep doing the same things over and over again, pretending everything is alright.

It might be the case. You have to ask yourself if that is the case. Otherwise, it might be a good idea to question yourself, everyone and everything.

What to expect from questioning?

If mankind hadn’t questioned itself and what we are doing, we wouldn’t have seen so many Innovations. Everything new is created out of questioning what is.

To question everything is the basis of most sciences. I know this is a very broad and short definition. However, when you really look into it, that is what science does – it questions.

What is good for science, is good for you, too. And we should never stop questioning. No matter who says or does something, we should question it, until we understand the topic fully.

It does not mean to not trust someone. Trust is important. Truth is critical, too. Questioning only means to try to see beyond the obvious.

If you question someone or something, you are investigating the truth. The truth may or may not be nice. But when you know more details, you could make a wiser decision about any topic.

When ever you question someone, be polite. Allow the other one to provide more information or even to defend themselves.

Questioning yourself

Woman with question marks around her

Questioning also relates to yourself. Question yourself, what you do, why you do it, what reason you do it for.

Sometimes we do things with a reason which does not have a positive attitude behind it. It might hurt emotionally when you question yourself, but it helps you to get more clarity.

Questioning yourself does not mean to throw away or leave behind what you have or do. Not at all. It’s about refocusing yourself to what you really want. Moment by Moment.

Thus, questioning yourself, everyone and everything is an ongoing job. You may do it already, but you don’t do it consciously or in a structured way.

Questioning in a structured way

Now that brings up the question “How do I question myself, everyone and everything in a structured way?”.

Well, that’s easy. You only need a handful of questions. Here they are:

  • What am I doing?
  • Why am I doing it?
  • What is it that I want to get out of it?
  • How could I do/get it (that which I really want)?
  • What do I have/know that could help me to get what I want?

These questions are just a starting point. However, you could use them in a circle. That means you answer them and start with the first one again. You could do so on the same topic until you run out of answers.

And of course you could alter the questions, thus you could question yourself, everyone and everything even more.

Hopefully you get a lot of insights from answering these questions. Answering them is the work you need to do. No one could give you your answers.


By questioning yourself, everyone and everything you could gain new insights, new ideas and clarity. It is also a way to create innovations and to discover your full potential.

Questioning does not mean to make something wrong. It is in itself a neutral task. But it helps us to see the truth.

Furthermore, by questioning yourself, everyone and everything you could grow your businesses and have a positive impact on our society.

Keep questioning! I wish you lots of insights and clarity.

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