How to deal with your Emotions

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Little girl screaming surprised, shocked.
Little girl screaming surprised, shocked. xavi-cabrera-_-uN7DbAE-o-unsplash-545x307

You may wonder why this article about Emotions is here, but it makes a lot of sense. Due to coaching, it might happen that you dig so deep into your subconscious mind, that suppressed feelings come up. Therefore, it is important that you know what to do with them.

If we work one-on-one it’s obvious that I will be there to help you, but if you are on your own you like to know what to do.

If you search the Internet, you find lots of methods to handle your emotions. As there are so many methods, I will just share a few, which I experienced to be very helpful (I used them myself).

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First let’s take a look what we normally do with your emotions:

  • Suppressing them
  • Trying to escape them
  • Expressing them

All the above doesn’t work, because you still have the emotion with you. On top of that, you also add energy to them. You may say that expressing your emotion is a relief.

Yes it might be for a short time, but then you are back even worse. And some emotions are not nice to express towards other people either. Thus expressing is not a solution.

Useful Methods to handle your emotions:

  • Focus on your Breath
    • Take a deep breath to relax into the feeling. And another one, and another one, until you feel calm.
  • Letting your emotions go (various methods are available, search the web for more if you are interested)

As said, these are just a few, which I tried myself and found they work. Of course, I have my preference, but you need to find your own.

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