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Master The Challenges Of A Leader

In a leadership role, no matter if you are a team leader, a business segment leader, or a top-level executive, the challenges are all the same.
You want other people to follow you on the path to success and build a great team.

The problem is, that your team members or some of them, may not be willing to follow you, just because you are on the higher corporate position.
On top of needing to find a solution to the aforesaid, you may also recognize inner conflicts, like not feeling good enough at motivating all team members to work on accomplishing the set goals. Furthermore, you might feel you don't know how to handle emotionally loaded situations. At least this was how I felt sometimes, when I had been a team leader in the past.

As a former Interim-Manager I had no choice but to find a way to become the best leader I could be. Though I read a lot of books, observed how others had been leading their teams and assembled my own way of how to get my team members to follow me. All this needed to work out quickly as assignments may only allowed me to stay with a business from 3 month to 3 years at maximum.

With the time I felt much more able to manage my teams as I never expected to become a leader. I was shy as a child. I felt more confident about my ability to lead. Still, I kept observing and talking with other leaders about their experiences as well, knowing that I could only get even better.

Because of the short assignments I had as an Interim-Manager, I needed to be a good leader in all kind of situations and different businesses. If I wouldn't had been able to do just that, my whole professional career had been at risk.

Fortunately, it worked out all the time. At every business where I had been in a leadership role, I could say that the leadership style I used has worked. Not only for me, but also for my team members. As a team leader you are only as good as your team. There is no reason for you to take years to learn the things I learned. The course described below gets you on the right track in just a couple of hours. Continue reading...


My name is Stephan Szugat, and I’m a former Interim-Manager especially for Finance and Accounting.

At present I’m a coach. In fact to become a coach was a natural advancement from Interim-Management as coaching had already become a regular task.

Picture of Stephan Szugat

Today, I am the founder of selfcoaching365.com a Coaching Service for Business Owners, Managers and Executives of Small and Medium Sized Businesses focusing on Do-It-Yourself Coaching Soultions.

Let's come back to leadership, if you would have known me as a child you would never believed I would become a team leader. I never was in school.

My first experience with leadership was during my apprenticeship and much more often during assignments as an Interim-Manager later in my life.

Being a Leader - even without the power of hierarchy – has been a wonderful experience. Not to mention the appreciation for achievements but as well as the memories about the challenges mastered.

When I started out in my first leadership role there wasn’t any Online Course about Leadership. The Internet was just starting to evolve.

Nonetheless I was able to lead my first team successfully and all the other teams afterwards.

Honestly this course reflects 10+ years of leadership experience simply explained thus you could use what you learn immediately.

Finally this Leadership Course I created from my very own experience. As a result I share some private leadership stories with you as well.

Get a fresh view on Leadership.



Below is a brief outline what you are going to learn when you enroll to this Online Leadership Training.

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The Experience

All in this course is practical knowledge. It comes from personal experience. Theory is nice, but Experience is true Knowledge. Do "it" and you know "it".

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What Is Leadership

Leadership is not Management. Management is not Leadership. Leaders don't have to be the Boss. We take the Myth out of Leadership.

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Why You Need Leadership

Decisions have to be made. A Leader makes decisions - even when the outcome is uncertain. Are you going to be the leader of the pack?

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The Practical Part

Here you get to know how to do it. Simply explained. If you love it practical, this is for you. Just learn and do. Experience for yourself.

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Leadership Principles

Principles are always true. Methods may change. Adhere to these Principles and you get to be the Best Leader you could be.

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Dark Side Of Leadership

Where Light is there is Dark. That's true for everything in Life. Good Practice could be turned into Bad Practice. Here are ways to handle it.


When You Start Today, You Get Immediate Access To...


Practical Lessons






Years Proofed to work

Use different perspectives to enhance your Leadership Qualities.



Everything in this course comes from experience not from theory. All the knowledge is simply explained. This course is especially designed for everyone who is interested in practical knowledge.

This Online Leadership Training is for:

  • Anyone (women or men) who manages at least two or more people
  • Company Founders, Leaders and Executives
  • Those aiming for leadership roles in the future
  • everyone who has just been assigned a leadership role (even if it is the first time in your life)
  • Women in Leadership Positions or interested in becoming a Leader
  • Self-Employed/Solopreneurs who have outsourced tasks to freelancers

Consider This To Be An Investment In Your Leadership Potential

It's an investment in yourself on the path to discover your full potential.

On the other hand you could get into leadership as I did – Hands on.

But what if a tiny investment, which will pay-off many times in your life, would make your life easier. Especially when you get lifetime access to the course. Thus you are able to retake to course as many times as you like.

The investment you are going to make is about the value of a one hour entry-level coaching session. As said that would give you only one hour with a coach to learn about leadership.

On the other hand you could enroll to this Online Leadership Training and come back to it as many times as you need.

The most important investment is your time. Your time to actually do the course. Your time to apply daily what you learn from this course.

Do you really like to be the Best Leader you could be? Yes?

Than scroll down and get started right now...


Leadership Reloaded:
Practical Leadership Lessons

How to be the Best Leader you could be!

An Online Leadership Training

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Lifetime Access means that you purchase the course once and could use it as often and as long as you like. Any revisions or updates made to the course are included.

In case you are located within the European Union the VAT is already included. Thus the Final Price is the same all over the world.

Going through the course takes less than 2 hours. To apply what you have learned from the course is an ongoing job.

The Choice is yours

Join other Leaders and get started today. Remember the course only takes 2 hours to complete and you have lifetime access. It is kept as simple as possible. Practical means Practical. Improve your leadership qualities now.


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